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CoolSculpting: FAQS

Dr. Shaw and The SHAW Center was the first plastic surgery practice in Scottsdale to offer CoolSculpting in 2011. We are a certified CoolSculpting and DualSculpting center. With two machines we can get rid of twice the fat in half the time. We also have the latest applicator for pinchable and non-pinchable fat. We have been a laser specialty clinic for almost 20 years setting the standard with lasers for hair removal, skin resurfacing, rejuvenation , PicoSure tattoo removal and fat reduction (SmartLipo).

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How does Coolsculpting Work?
® selectively damages fat cells using the controlled application of cold to discrete areas of the body containing excess fat. Once damaged, the fat cells are eliminated by the body's normal inflammatory response. This technology is based on research that has shown that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold than other cells, such as nerve and skin cells.
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Am I a Good Candidate?
The benefit of consulting at The SHAW Center is that we can truly evaluated your concerns and have the ability to recommend surgical options, like tummy tuck or various forms of liposuction,being available if absolutely necessary. The goal of our professional staff is not just to "sell" you CoolSculpting, but to recommend the best treatment to reach your expectations and goals. CoolSculpting is generally recommended for people who are not considered overweight but still have smaller pockets of extra fat, despite exercise and diet. In these cases, CoolsSculpting is ideal. Such people usually have small to medium size pockets of fat and wish to avoid an invasive liposuction treatment. If excess skin is the primary problem then a tummy tuck may be required..
CoolSculpting is not intended for cellulite and obesity problems, and does not substitute liposuction. If you have moderate amount of fat that you wish to eliminate, CoolSculpting can be a good option.
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How does CoolSculpting Feel?
Patients can feel the suction and the cold of the cooling unit. If there is discomfort, it tends to occur during the first 10 minutes of the procedure and tends to be mild. After the procedure there can be mild redness and bruising.
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How does CoolSculpting Feel Afterward?
Discomfort, bruising, and sensation change can occur early after the procedure. These symptoms tend to be mild and usually resolve over the first two weeks, although occasionally they last longer, up to two months.
How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?
® is usually charged area / application. At your consultation we can determine the number or areas and how many treatments per area will be necessary to reach your expectations and goals. We have a unique CoolCredit pricing program Call for a complimentary consultation 480-767-1900.
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How Long Do CoolSculpting Results Last?
Since the fat cells are actually eliminated, the CoolSculpting results are considered to be permanent. Around 25% of the unwanted fat can be removed in a single treatment. Slight contour differences are visible after three weeks but dramatic results may take between 3 to 6 months to be seen. This is the period of time the body needs to naturally eliminate the fat. Some patients may actually need a second treatment, which can be done after two to four months, reducing another 20% of fat.
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Will I Need More Than One Treatment?
Maybe depending on the size of the fat bulge and your expectations. Each treatment reduces fat bulge thickness, on average, by an additional 20-30%. If we feel you will need more that 2 applications then we may recommend a form of liposuction.

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