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You have spent months or many years bringing beautiful children into your family. Your body has gone thru many changes from new spider veins, a spreading midsection with loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles, large breasts which have now gotten smaller and sag. With 4 children of his own including a set of twins, Dr. Shaw understands the sacrifice women make with their bodies during and after pregnancy.
With plastic surgery, you can reverse some of these changes. It may be time to consider a "Beauty after Baby" procedure. Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Shaw loves being able to offer his patients a way to recover their figures, self-image, self-esteem and feel better about themselves from the inside out. You love your children and Dr. Shaw wants you to love your body again too. The SHAW Center provides a number of procedures designed to improve the face, breast, and body, while reversing the effects of pregnancy and restoring your youthful vigor and vitality.

  • Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess skin and repairs the weak and stretched abdominal muscles. Vaginal structures are elevated and tightened as well.
  • Liposuction to get rid of resistant pockets of baby fat.
  • Breast Augmentation to correct breast volume loss or deflation after breast feeding.
  • Breast lift with or without implant augmentation to correct sagging breasts and increase volume if needed.
  • Breast Reduction to lift and decrease the size of the breast.
  • Labiaplasty to reduce the size of the inner labia and tightens the vaginal opening.
  • Treatment of facial skin changes that are a result of pregnancy hormones such as the mask of pregnancy or melasma.
  • Spider vein therapy to the legs

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